.EU Domain Package

Just €399/year

.EU Domain Package

Dublin Registered Business Address + .EU Domain

With the new European rules for trading in post-Brexit Europe, .eu domains may only be registered to European Citizens, residents of the EU/EEA, or businesses that are established within the EU/EEA. With our .EU Domain Package you receive a business mailing address for use on your company’s website, letterhead & business cards as well as a .eu domain name to continue being represented in Europe. We will take the hassle out of setting up your domain and redirect it to whichever one of your business domains you choose.

For €399+VAT annually, you receive a Registered Dublin Business Address and get a .eu domain for your business. Our receptionists will receive your mail and accept postal deliveries on your behalf. Mail can be held for collection or forwarded to you depending on your instructions.

Register for your .EU domain package today and make sure you are prepared for trading in Europe in a Post-Brexit world!


399(excl. VAT)
  • Dublin Registered Business Address
  • Collection of mail or immediate mail forwarding
  • .EU Domain setup
  • Automatically redirected to another of your domains


Sign up for our .EU domain package and ensure you are prepared for Post-Brexit EU trade, both online and in the physical world. Whether yours is an international business working with industrial products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, personal care products, food, or any other kind, this package is for you!

From just €399/year, your business can use our prime Dublin 2 address and the .EU domain of your choice (subject to availability). Your company can receive all of its mail at this address where we can open, scan or forward your mail. Your .EU domain will redirect any traffic to any other location of your choice that you currently control.

Virtual Office Dublin

What You Get

Great benefits included with our .EU DOMAIN PACKAGE Plan

  • A Prime Dublin Mailing Address

    Without the expensive overheads!

  • Your .EU domain

    Set up and redirecting where you choose

  • Simplified annual billing


  • UK companies looking to continue trading in the EU post-Brexit

  • Non-EU companies looking to maintain their online EU presence

  • New or home-based businesses which need a registered company address to provide to the CRO to be able to trade legally in Ireland and Europe.

  • Companies with an existing Irish presence looking to build a presence in Ireland’s capital city and beyond.

  • International companies looking to move into the Irish market.

  • Official Dublin Office Address for International business.

We provide our services to companies worldwide. In particular, we have a growing number of UK customers signing up for our .EU domain package to get an official Irish address and .EU domain so they can continue trading in Europe without interruption. Sign up today for yours!